David Y. Lin, MD, FAAOS


Pediatric Surgery

The Pediatric Orthopedic Center, A Member of Consensus Health

218 Ridgedale Avenue, Suite 101
Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927

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I am part of one of the largest private pediatric orthopedic groups in the country and am fortunate to have partners that I can discuss, challenge and learn from. I have extensive expertise in ACL surgery, arthroscopic procedures of the knee and shoulder in children, and fracture care. Taking into consideration the child’s physical, mental and skeletal maturation, as well as social demands, I formulate a game plan to provide the patient with an optimal result and outcome. Many children I see are scared, apprehensive, anxious and even in pain. I try to alleviate their concerns by speaking with them on their level and forming a connection. I do listen to each patient’s individual situation and vary my treatments to accommodate their needs, as long as it is safe and doesn’t jeopardize their recovery or health. I respect their resiliency and ability to heal, and use it to my advantage in their management. Because all children are different, I do not treat them in a rote manner.

The most rewarding feeling is treating children with devastating injuries and returning them back to activities that they love while improving their quality of life, which can include sports, dance, music performance or just hanging out with friends. There is nothing better than a kid giving you a hug, a high five or fist bump, knowing they won their championship game or performed well in their showcase because you played a role in their recuperation.

DR. DAVID Y. LIN is a Bone & Joint Select Surgeon honoree for being one of New Jersey’s top pediatric orthopedic surgeons.