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My practice is exclusively dedicated to cosmetic surgery for the aging face. My goal is not to make drastic changes in a patient’s appearance. I want the patient to look like himself or herself, only better.

I began performing deep plane facelifts in 1997, when the procedure was first introduced, and have done more than 1,000 of these procedures. Over time, I found deep plane facelifts provide the most natural and longest lasting results.

Subtle volume restoration can be very important for bringing back softness and femininity to a woman’s face. About 20 years ago, I became interested in volume rejuvenation – specifically fat transfer – and was one of the first surgeons to combine fat transfers with facelifts.

The facelift experience is much easier than most patients anticipate. I perform all surgery on an outpatient basis using twilight anesthesia. There are no dressings, bandages or drains. The procedure is not painful and patients rarely take pain medication during their recovery periods. Patients recover quickly and can typically start exercising, applying makeup and returning to their normal routine in less than two weeks. To get an idea of what to expect, visit my website ( where you’ll find many video stories that follow patients through the facelift experience.

My goal is always to do the best surgery that I can while providing the easiest patient experience. My staff, which has been together for many years, provides the caring and professional setting that supports each patient. I only promise patients what I can deliver: They will look natural and significantly younger after surgery.

DR. MARK GLASGOLD is recognized by Plastic Surgery Select as one of the top FACELIFT surgeons in New Jersey.