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Creativity in the initial and subsequent stages of implant-based, post-mastectomy reconstruction, plus a dedication to the craft for more than 23 years, has allowed me to help patients in both immediate and delayed reconstruction settings. Breast reconstruction encompasses three facets of plastic surgery that represent a significant part of my practice. These include corrections of anomalous and significant asymmetries of a breast that was never normal developmentally, revision of a breast previously operated on, and the initial reconstruction of a breast removed by mastectomy. I draw patients from across the globe and throughout the United States for revisions and corrections of anomalous conditions. Revisions of previous implant augmentation may include the management of poor aesthetics, asymmetries, and capsular contractures and auto-augmentation of remaining tissue after implant removal (using one’s own tissue to creatively reshape a breast without implants).

Auto-augmentation (non-implant) breast lift draws patients from far away, as does my management of tuberous-constricted malformation. All of these procedures require creativity, precision, and reproducibility. Before-and-after photos on my practice’s website reinforce my commitment to patients with these conditions. I even perform nipple 3-D tattooing post-mastectomy, blending my own professional art career (for instance, I was commissioned to do a mural for Art Basel in Miami in 2018) with my plastic surgery practice. I invite you to watch my YouTube videos and go to my website to see countless examples of both aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery.

DR. SCOTT A. SPIRO is recognized by Select Surgeons Plastic Surgery as one of the top BREAST RECONSTRUCTION (Tissue Transfer) surgeons in New Jersey.